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The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. I once started a radio station a decade ago called Curl where we asked a local school if they could donate us some PCs. Our radio station was running from Winamp on Windows Starting up GoToMeeting gave me flashbacks of that little room filled with wires and its appalling lack of adherence to fire safety regulations. However, if I wanted to transfer hosting duties to Ben so he could show me his screen and use the advanced features then he had to download it too.

Not too big a deal I suppose. Until GoToMeeting dropped him from the call as part of its built-in user journey for people upgrading. It is a lightweight video chat tool for speed and simplicity. I only had to make an account when I wanted to lock access to the video call, while we were testing that feature. Even pals of yours without Google accounts can join in the video chats with almost all the functionalities still present — bar text chat, for some reason. Everything is negotiated through the emails and your contacts list through email becomes your contacts for Hangouts.

There are a lot of Skype parallels in ways if you choose to see them.

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Mobile apps to make it simpler too. As difficult as it is to compare quality between the different platforms without getting all technical, Zoom feels like it has a high level of quality. The UI for Zoom is sharp, smooth, and professional.

There would be nothing embarrassing or awkward about introducing a client to the software. To be fair to Join. Their core service is to allow collaboration in meetings via video. Not that I like things which appear corporate, but you might. It might be important to you. You might not want a video calling software which shows your disembodied head floating around in a bubble for the duration of the call. Still, I think Skype is generally considered professional enough.

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We used to use Skype at Process Street for our calls. We switched away from Skype partly due to the slightly lower quality when compared to Zoom and others. Moreover, Skype seems to push its users into using its chat features when all we wanted was the video call. We already have Slack.

It has the drab grays you expect from a stuffy office. Considering the platform was taking up a good bit of bandwidth, I expected more. Audio was good, video was good, display of guests on the screen was good, chat worked well.

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Pretty fine all round. The quality of Google Hangouts can sometimes come under question but it offers no worse a service than Skype, in my mind. Sometimes, I even prefer Hangouts. This system means you create one URL which represents a meeting room. Whenever you visit that URL you are placed within the meeting. The Zoom meeting system has a slight downside compared to the others in that the URL string is just a series of numbers.

Whereas some of the others have the ability to set custom URLs in their free versions. However, Zoom has Zapier automations you can use to integrate it within your workflows — which is a massive plus. In my eyes, this makes Zoom an excellent candidate for a corporate choice. If you consider Join. It can help teams have meetings remotely while all working from one screen. In that sense, Join. It also has the option of using Zapier integrations, though it appears to only have one premade one up to this point.

They could be so much better. They should be so much better. However, remember that this is a big established product from a massive established company. They have some premade Zapier integrations designed to hook up with calendar software. Not very inventive, but pretty standard. I like their approach to simplicity and the fact they want to keep it integrated with your workflows. They have built native integrations into Slack, Trello , Hipchat, and more. Plus, the ease of use and one-click simplicity is a joy.

A really streamlined means of video calling. That and being a Google product.

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As far as automations go, there is an upcoming Zap for Google Hangouts Chat. Probably an attempt to replicate some of the basic text command features of Slack. So, Google Hangouts is great for the workflows of specific people and is probably going to be expanding its workflow integrations very soon.

Zoom offer the largest free package out of the options available. With Zoom, you can have unlimited 1-to-1 calls and you can host meetings with up to 50 participants for a maximum of 40 minutes. A participant is counted as an invitee, without the ability to host their own meetings. Zoom is probably the best option price-wise for teams from small to medium sizes.

There are three tiers of premium pricing for Zoom. The enterprise package is priced the same but with a minimum of hosts. These packages give you greater support, custom branding, webinar functionalities, unlimited cloud storage and a whole range of added features. It will also give you a selection of customization features to tune the calls to your liking.

This package throws in extra user and feature management. Normal Skype, as you probably all know, comes for free. The free Skype gives you a 25 person limit on your calls.

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Along with this, Skype is a handy instant messaging service and is shifting further and further toward the Slack area of the market. They want to be a base for team communication, so expect to get more features like this for free within the Skype package. Skype for Business gives you an upgrade on the free package with up to participants. The Essentials package includes the basic online Microsoft services, which the Premium includes the entire Office suite. In some sense, this makes Skype for Business free! GoToMeeting is a little sneaky when it comes to their pricing.

If you visit the subdomain free. This version supports up to 3 people and it runs from your Chrome browser. Fortunately, you can get a 2 week free trial of the proper GoToMeeting software. Starter, Pro, and Plus.

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However, this package tops out at 10 users. This gives you the ability to record meetings and to access the service via its mobile applications. The Plus version contains all the features of the others but with participants and two features called Active Directory and Sightboard. Your guess is as good as mine….