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He loves to play the guitar. There are no news of Tao being in a relationship at the moment. We can only speculate who his heart belongs to! In there was a video captured by a chinese media displaying TAO with his girlfriend.

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TAO denied the rumour. SM Entertainment warned the Chinese media for spreading false information regarding his personal life. TAO might have a relationship currently but there are no reliable sources to prove his relation status. There was a rumour that he was dating with Jia from Miss A. This spread when he changed his profile picture in a social media where he displayed the picture of Jia with her cat.

Both the agency SM Entertainment and JYJ group denied this news stating that they were good friends since they both come from the same country. He likes pretty and beautiful girls. Loves natural beauty and good personality.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

She has to be a kind hearted girl. He also stated he would like to date a dark skinned girl with a pretty appearance, who has a classy and gentle look, like a princess. He is looking for a quiet and reserved girls who loves to be indoor with less social activities and spend her time using computers. From what I saw of the C, K, and I-fans they didn't see it as a dating scandal or even something scandalous, just as something cute or curious about their friendship.

All the guys of SM groups are known because they started in industry long time ago. If you don't know who he is, logically, it is of the new group of SM --'.


Hopefully the craze will calm down soon SHINee's did, the saesangs aren't as bad as they used to be. They took it nearly the same as i-fans, a non-scandal. Although I heard that some c-fans started posting pictures of their cats and directed their post to Tao. Lol first we were named dehydrated since we are so thirsty for exo according to some netz now are cockroaches It's cute if they are dating, cute if they're good friends.

Though a quick response is definitely better than a delayed statement or none at all.

Miss A’s Jia and Fei Show Support to “China line” EXO Members

Meanwhile Tao's cray fangirls.. Being an idol is very difficult That's good, I was already sick imagining the future fanwars. Your last sentence though Its like you see it right there. Just watching it and choose a side it seems. And past scandals and false rumors which spread way faster than the truth could. I hope Kara just doesn't get into the next step, seeing all the CF go and get cut from airing shows.

I can understand, me too I was like "who's Jia?

Miss A's Jia and Exo's Tao dating? - Page 2 - Celebrity News & Gossip - OneHallyu

It's just a pic of a CAT people!!! But Netizenbuzz, why haven't you yet posted an article about GD's song's releases.. Like what the netizens found of it. I love it too haha, Hyoyeon is just flawless!

humdrinroburnews.ml Yes, when I watch it I was like.. I am Tao biased and I saw Jia's cat and I did no reaction except "this is so cute" Just let me ask 2 questions: Please be supportive of us. However JYP later confirmed that they were in a relationship.

The fact that SM and JYP both released statements is what makes it seem suspicious lol, nothing else. Dating scandal because Tao changed his picture to Jia's cat I've honestly never seen more than a scattered few have an issue with their friendship. She even took a picture with Henry on his bed. Imagine if Jia did the same thing with Tao Innocently, I mean! I truly don't understand the bias with girls like Nicole and Amber who don't get hate for having so many male friends Poor Tao is so innocent he thought the cat was cute so he uploaded the picture since he's a fan of cats Yes, I heard about Kris.

It's actually very normal, they're all foreigners in the idol industry they're bound to befriend each other. Kind of like how migrants look out for each other in some countries. OMFG, You haven't watch it? Do people not know that there are probably thousands of cats that look the same? My cat looks exactly like the cat on the bag of Whiskers cat food. Doesn't mean that my cat is the same cat from the Whiskers bag I think they are just freinds. I mean Both are Chinese in Korea, its easier to connect.

With Amber, I think she gets a pass because she's a tomboy and most people aren't sure if she even likes guys.

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She doesn't seem like a threat so she gets away with it. Its the same way JoKwon and Kwanghee can hang out with a lot of women and go out to eat, take photos etc and never get in trouble. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Sue September 5, at 2: Ara September 5, at 2: Visindahouse September 5, at 2: CoolStoryBro24 September 5, at 2: Synx September 5, at 2: September 5, at 2: Justhavetosay September 5, at 2: InfiniteMonkey September 5, at 2: Bojana Keselj September 5, at 2: KpopLoverGurl September 5, at 2: HyoyeonAllTheWay September 5, at 2: Saraaaaa September 5, at 2: Trung Kwon September 5, at 2: Hannah September 5, at 2: Neonbunny September 5, at 2: Guest September 5, at 2: Jade September 5, at 2: Chandler's Turkey September 5, at 2: ASlove23 September 5, at 2: Marcus Gibbs September 5, at 3: Jenizz pinkcrown September 5, at 3: September 5, at 3: Noely September 5, at 3: Saraaaaa September 5, at 3: Fantastic Baby September 5, at 3: ShiroChii September 5, at 3: Casey September 5, at 3: Amigo September 5, at 3: Hannah September 5, at 3: Selane September 5, at 3: KpopLoverGurl September 5, at 3: ASlove23 September 5, at 3: Chance September 5, at 3: Joo-Yeon September 5, at 3: Justhavetosay September 5, at 3: Akane Chan September 5, at 3: Speckleddots September 5, at 3: JIJI September 5, at 3: Mymy Park September 5, at 3: Hyuni9 September 5, at 3: Syrine Karoui September 5, at 3: Marije Komdeur September 5, at 3: HyoyeonAllTheWay September 5, at 3: Anon September 5, at 3: Shiny September 5, at 4: