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The appeal was awarded the Gouden Radio-Oortje for best radio program of the year. In Serious Request raised money for victims of land mines around the world, and for the first time a sister event was held in another country: From 19 to 24 December , the third consecutive appeal was held.

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As in the first two events, a glass house was built at the Neude in Utrecht. The year's slogan was: Giel Beelen, Gerard Ekdom and Sander Lantinga were elected by listeners between 4 and 8 December to live in the house. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende ceremonially locked the door on 19 December to begin the effort, pledging to DJs and listeners that the Dutch government would donate one million euros to the project, as it did in , to match the people's donations.

The song became popular, and during the night of 23—24 December it was played six times in four hours by request. In addition to 3FM, the Flanders radio station Studio Brussel also participated in the appeal for the first time and DJs from both radio stations occasionally contacted each other.

In Belgium, a second glass house was erected in Leuven. The Belgian slogan was: Platen voor ledematen Records for prosthetics. To raise additional money, a walkathon was organised. All left their houses the morning of 19 December, and arrived at their destinations the afternoon of 24 December. Availability of safe drinking water was chosen as the cause for — the slogan: De wereld schreeuwt om drinkwater The world is crying for drinking water. As in , the Dutch and Belgian efforts were synchronised. Additionally French Swiss radio station Couleur 3 joined with a similar event.

Sander Lantinga and Giel Beelen, occupants of the house the previous year, decided not to enter the voting and were unavailable to be chosen - instead, they volunteered to do tasks or errands in return for donations. The appeal was opened on 19 December by Prince Willem-Alexander. Studio Brussel again participated in the appeal.

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DJ Otto-jan Ham was sponsored to leave Leuven without money, travelling to the glass houses in The Hague and Geneva, and back to Leuven, carrying a bucket of water. He brought home 8. In conjunction with the event, a ship left Essen Germany with a 20,litre pool aboard. French Swiss radio station Couleur 3 in Geneva joined the appeal in In Serious Request and its sister projects raised money and awareness for refugees , with a varying focus. The year also saw the first similar project take place in Africa: Instead of funds, it raised awareness, focusing more on internally displaced persons than on international refugees.

Couleur Terre in Switzerland was not continued. The proceeds were directed to help refugees around the world; its slogan was Een vluchteling is nergens zonder jouw hulp A refugee is nowhere without your help. Aside from the anthem, introduced a dedicated theme song, made specifically for the event by a music act, to be played regularly in the weeks leading up to the appeal, and to be used in promotional messages.

This year the Belgian glass house was moved to Ghent. National public broadcaster VRT supplemented Radio Brussel's program with continuous digital television.

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Moeders op de vlucht. Because of Swedish Christmas celebrations, the appeal began one week earlier. Guests during the six-day marathon included rap artist Timbuktu , Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and the Swedish national ice-hockey team. With the participation of Ghetto Radio Instead of fundraising, the approach focused on solidarity. In all projects from received a new edition, and Switzerland returned with a new initiative: The year's five events all raised funds to fight malaria.

Stop Malaria, Play the Music. VanVelzen 's keyboard, as well as autographed shirts from members of AFC Ajax and FC Groningen were auctioned, and every night a celebrity guest stayed for one night. Ghetto Radio's broadcast of Stop Malaria, Play the Music in Nairobi was violently interrupted on 23 December, when its glass house was hit by a tropical rainstorm. However nobody was injured; the DJs were taken to a hotel where they continued to refuse food.

They resumed broadcast the next day after the glass house was repaired. The Dutch and Belgian efforts centered on orphaned children in sub-Saharan Africa, especially those who became such by losing one or both parents to AIDS. The Swiss theme were children in war zones and conflict areas, whereas the Swedes focused on the fight against trafficking of children. The location for Serious Request was Eindhoven. Its theme was AIDS orphans , and the slogan: Aids nam hun ouders weg, geef ze hun toekomst terug! AIDS took their parents away, give them their future back! The Dutch government did not donate because of a stricter budgetary policy; however, the public and many companies made up the difference, and the previous record was exceeded by several thousand euro.

Bands were invited to play on the roof each evening, the best-known of which were the Editors. The appeal in German-speaking Switzerland , Kindern Zukunft schenken Give children a future , focused on children in war zones and conflict areas.

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Radio station DRS 3 located the glass house again in Bern. Some people were tested on HIV on site during the 6-days event, actually setting a Kenyan record. With the announcement of the location for Serious Request , the station also announced the location of the appeal Leiden. That year, a glass house was created that floated on water.

Its theme was education for girls: Among auctioned items was Michael Jackson 's platinum record for his album Thriller.

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Flanders and Switzerland also had glass houses for different causes. Radio station Studio Brussel chose a radical change in concept in Instead of raising funds, the focus was entirely on raising awareness, and breaking the perceived taboo and stigma's on dementia. In Belgium it is predicted that one in five persons wil eventually suffer from dementia. Although there was once again a round-the-clock broadcast from 17—23 December, there was no glass house, and no locked-up fasting hosts.

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In three Ghetto Radio DJs were locked in a "glass house" in central Nairobi, going six days without food while broadcasting non-stop to promote peaceful voting, ahead of the East African country's elections on March 4, From 19—24 December DJs Mbusii, Solloo and Essie went six days without food to advocate peaceful elections in Kenya — the first vote since the disputed elections in , when violence engulfed the country leaving more than 1, people dead and , displaced, according to the Kenya Red Cross, and the country was nearly torn apart. For the first time, Serious Request was held in Seoul from 30 Nov.

This benefit-event was aimed at helping those most in need in South Korea by publicizing the newly launched nationwide campaign, Windmill of Hope Korean: The Windmill of hope was created by the Korean Red Cross to provide customized integrated human services for the four major vulnerable groups children the elderly, multicultural families and North Korean settlers by directly connecting them with Red Cross volunteers and provided emergency livelihood support housing, medical and educational for families in crisis.

Thus, this benefit-event was named as "Windmill of Hope SR". At the same time, be open to getting to know him and letting him get to know you.

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Keep the conversation relatively light. Some tips for the gents: A sk the girl out. But generally, most girls will be very flattered you asked. However, after going on a few dates with a girl, you have to commit one way or the other. Pay for the date. It makes a great impression. For both ladies and gents: Be the first to comment Share Tweet. You might also like. Andrew Heller October 30, Avoid talking about your or his problems. Do not give advice even if he is begging for it; this is a bad way to start. On first dates, make sure you have other plans afterward and keep them, regardless of how things are going. If you're underwhelmed with this person, you will have a good escape route. If you are having a great time and don't want to leave, stick to your previous plan. If you are interested, say so explicitly upon leaving.

This may sound too forward, but there is nothing wrong about being clear. Offer to split the check. Nowadays, single, college-educated women under the age of 30 are often making more money than men, so don't stand on ceremony waiting for him to pay.