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January - 8. It is always a wonderful experience to meet people who are only starting to learn just like you and to get to relax when it comes to talking and exchanging every day talk in English. February - Best Speed Dating event to manifest a loving, healthy, conscious relationship. Speed Dating events happen twice a week and spaces are limited.

Our guests are attractive women y. When men and women arrive couples are paired up. Firstly, I didn't know the exact name of the place, but had a google map which led to us going to the wrong place first, which was good seeing as it was far too upmarket for our, arguably, scruffy asses.

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While looking at the map like a couple of dicks, I had the fortune of noticing that a guy, who somewhat resembled a Chechen rebel, was getting blown in a big black car the the right of us. Pretending not to notice, I pointed this out to my friend and we both stood there awkwardly while a bright blonde head bobbed rhythmically up and down. But what else is there to do?

Knock on the window and demand she stop giving him head?

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Moving on, we found the place and luckily it was very close. While my ex-farmer friend headed off to the bathroom to completely soak and wring dry his shirt he has even worse sweat issues than me and this is his anti-patch technique I sat at the bar and ordered a beer and a water. The cost was roubles and I became enraged. However, the fact that two of the guys were missing did allow me to whimsically remark to each female that: Needless to say, I was amused my own rapier wit.

Speed dating R-gorod на английском языке.

I talked a fair bit of shit I suppose and was asked a lot of the same questions, which is to be expected. Usually the ladies and the gentlemen wear number tags or name labels, depending on the procedure that is currently in place at the particular speed dating organization. If the ladies you indicate are also interested in you, you will get a chance to obtain their personal information, usually it is a telephone number.

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Usually there is also an informal part after the end of the main event, which often includes dancing, drinking and socializing. Whether it is a Russian speed dating event or a Ukrainian one, the objective is always to ensure the complete satisfaction of each and every participant. One thing is for certain — everyone is here to meet someone special, no one will leave bored or unattended to. Since most of the speed dating event participants understand the rules of this game, it is allowed to ask inoffensive personal questions such as:.

The exciting part of this social experiment that is slowly becoming a routine event both in Moscow and in Kiev is that you can pick and choose, there will be a lot of options of all ages and sizes available to you, literally. On a side note it should be said that if you are looking for a casual encounter that may grow into something bigger, a Ukrainian speed dating event is preferable over a Russian one, Moscow ladies are more reserved and it takes more efforts to break the ice.

It happens quite often that people assume the members of such events as speed dating are some sort of ugly losers with deep personal issues and no self-confidence. The most surprising fact is that actually the opposite is true — the fans of speed dating are successful, often quite well-to-do individuals with above average incomes and attractive physique who simply lack the time required for habitual dating practices.

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Moreover, these peo ple are way more sociable than an average Joe out there — imagine how much courage and stamina it takes to face dozens of complete strangers of the opposite sex and to maintain a meaningful conversation with them trying to ignite the spark of affection in their hearts. To make the long story short, if you are a Western expat living in Moscow or in Kiev, or if you are a tourist visiting these beautiful cities, give speed dating a meaningful try and enjoy the results.

Another added advantage is you will be able to improve your communication skills that are essential nowadays to be a successful individual. Moscow and Kiev are very big and robust cities, and you will have a lot of options as far as speed dating venues are concerned. We have carefully assessed the choice available out there in these two vibrant megalopolises and here is what we can recommend. Speed dating in Russia, Moscow and in Ukraine, Kiev. Since most of the speed dating event participants understand the rules of this game, it is allowed to ask inoffensive personal questions such as: What is your occupation?

Have you ever been married? What is your favorite color?