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The trailers are not connected to water pipes, and the toilets, bathrooms and cooking facilities are in a small, unheated shed across the yard. But living on a site is about being part of the community. When Traveller girls are growing up, they are only allowed to go out with other family members, and once married, her husband rules the roost.

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Almost immediately her children became depressed. He would buck to get out," says Kathleen.

20 Strict Rules Women Must Follow In Gypsy Culture

I was on anti-depressives. The children couldn't go out because the neighbours would complain about the noise. Since moving to their site two years ago, Kathleen and her children have been far happier. They won't let our kids mix with theirs because they say we stink and don't talk properly. Settled kids won't even play sports with ours in case they touch them. Mary, Kathleen's year-old daughter, is upset by the series too, and says that she has faced further prejudice since it hit the screens.

Gypsy Boy: inside the mysterious and violent world of gypsies - The National

All my friends are asking if it's true what they show on telly, and I think they've gone different [towards me] since it was shown. In one episode the viewer was informed that young Traveller men at weddings and other social occasions use something known as "grabbing" to force a reluctant girl to kiss them. One newspaper report called it a "secret courting ritual". I have honestly never heard of it.

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  5. We don't want that for our daughters. They'll now be saying we are all criminals, or sponging off the state. I ask O'Roarke what she thinks the future holds for Travellers. She is concerned that problems affecting Traveller women and girls, such as lack of education, forced and early marriage, and abuse within the home, are not being taken seriously. But some say that things are slowly improving.

    Would Kathleen ever marry again? It is out of the question, she tells me. These things are just not done.

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    10 Things You Need To Know About Gypsies and Travellers

    O'Roarke would like to see changes that include: The reality is a far cry from the C4 depiction and is rarely aired. A gypsy soul is an unpredictable one. She is constantly looking for something new and exciting. A new friend, a new place to try, a new trip to take, a new skill to learn. She gets bored easily and the only way she maintains her zest for life is by finding novelty in ordinary things.

    She is scared to love. She loves unconditionally but it takes her a while to trust someone because she wants to know that this person will never make her lose her sense of wonder and will not suppress her nomadic lifestyle. She dances to the beat of her own drum. She knows she is different and she is not trying to change that.

    She likes to create her own path and follow it. She is driven by anything that feeds her soul — which is why she loves artists; if she is not an artist herself. Words, rhythms and movements light the fire within her soul. She is an old soul. She feels a unique connection to older people and she has another life in her head. A life that is so different from the one she is currently living; a simple yet adventurous life her soul longs for. She has an insane desire to be somewhere else. The chaos of life or the chaos she can create.

    She finds beauty in imperfection and finds order in chaos. She understands that life is messy and her heart can be messy and she thinks that life should sometimes reflect exactly what she is going through. She will always believe in magic.